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For over 28 years, Coffee Exchange, a small batch coffee roaster in Providence, RI, has provided our expanding local and global neighborhoods with affordable fresh roasted sustainable coffee.

All of Coffee Exchange's Green Coffee purchases support environmental sustainability by promoting organic agricultural practices and honest wages for farmers through fair trade pricing. All our decafs are Water Processed (using no chemicals).

Coffee Exchange is the original home of two important coffee--focused non-profit organizations founded by Bill Fishbein: Coffee Kids, founded over 20 years ago and The Coffee Trust, founded in 2009. Through year-long projects - and at our annual New Years Day Fundraiser - we raise money to aid both of these organizations in their long-term commitments to helping coffee-farming families liberate themselves from their dependency on coffee for their livelihood and from the poverty that has so characterized their lives, and to help them build sustainable communities by supporting education, health care, food security and economic development.



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Did you catch the latest  Travel and Leisure online magazine's ranking of "America's Best Coffee Cities?" Providence ranks 4th, trailing Seattle, Portland  and San Francisco., but ahead of New York, Boston New Orleans, and every other city with more notoriety and visibility. And Coffee Exchange is the only cafe with the tag, "legendary!" Of course, we've known this for years, this Providence is a Coffee Town feeling, but this makes it official, and makes Coffee Exchange the legendary leader in the leading coffee city in New England, on the east coast, heck, even east of the Mississippi. Cool enough?  The article can be found here.


"legendary" Coffee Exchange

A new study finds that men who drink six or more cups of coffee per day over two decades are 60 percent less likely to develop more aggressive forms of prostate cancer, and men who drink 1 to 3 cups per day lower their risk by 13 percent. Read the article here.



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